Submerged structures such as pipelines, cables, dams, bridge footings etc. require regular inspections in order to ensure their safe operation.

In some situations, the use of divers alone can be both dangerous and costly. Underwater inspections can be made much more efficient, cost effective and safer through the use of modern technology.

GPR has significant experience in carrying out inspections of the submerged structures of dams in Canada and abroad.

The ideal tool for investigations of the submerged portion of dams is undoubtedly the swath bathymetry and side-scan sonar. These instruments enable submerged structures / objects to be located and examined through the use of acoustic waves which are not affected by water turbidity. The system will produce a high-resolution 3-D model of any submerged structure, such as dam walls and intakes.

Sub-bottom profiling is ideal for cable and pipeline investigations.  The sub-bottom profile data can reveal the precise location, depth, amount of sediment coverage or if the cable is suspended off the bottom.

Georadar is ideal for shallow fresh water sub-bottom profiling.

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Submerged Structure Investigations - Marine Geophysics
Submerged Structure Investigations - Marine Geophysics