Geophysics GPR provides airborne, marine and ground-based geophysical surveys to clients in Canada and around the world.

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Marine Geophysics



The marine geophysics services of Geophysics GPR are routinely applied to marine construction projectshydroelectric projects and mineral exploration. They are also applied to existing mine sitesoil & gas explorationgeological and geotechnical studiesarchaeological studiesenvironmental investigations and marine safety. A full range of marine geophysical techniques are offered, including bathymetryside scan sonarswath bathymetry & side scan sonar and marine seismic techniques. We also offer techniques for sub-bottom profilingcurrent and tide measurementssediment and water samplingunderwater imaging and magnetometry

Geophysics GPR (Goupil, Paul and Reid) International Inc. has been providing geophysical consultant services since 1974. This Canadian based company has established itself as a unique provider of geophysical consulting services and surveys in all its applications.

The staff of Geophysics GPR International Inc. has planned and performed thousands of geophysical surveys, not only in Canada, but also in more than 40 countries around the world.

The specialists at Geophysics GPR International Inc. use the most modern and precise equipment whose lightness and flexibility facilitates working in remote, difficult locations. These investigations reduce the costs and delays in obtaining the information essential for project design, rehabilitation, construction and exploration.


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