Geophysics GPR is equipped with a range of options for locating objects on, or buried within, the sea-bottom. 

Accurate locating of submerged objects, from pipelines to shipwrecks, may be required for marine construction, search and rescue, environmental or archaeological projects.

How buried object detection is done:

  • Marine magnetometers or electromagnetic devices can be used to locate metal targets such as drums, unexploded ordnances and pipe lines on the bottom or buried within the sea-bed.
  • Side-scan sonar and bathymetry can be used for locating objects on the sea-bed.
  • Georadar, in fresh water environments, can locate metallic and nonmetallic objects such as cribbing and buried foundations.
  • Sub-bottom profiling (SBP) can map the depth and location of buried pipesline providing a measure of sediment coverage.

GPR's newest swath bathymetry system is ideal for detailed object locating on the sea-bed.

For more information, please contact our Marine Survey Team.

Buried Object Detection
Buried Object Detection